Hello and welcome to this article which is all about the different ways YOU can film your course.

‘Done For You’

So, beginning with the foremost obvious chose about the different ways you can film your course, there is what we call the ‘Done For You’ service, which is the service I run here at Kinetal and this is basically the opportunity for you to have all your videos, courses, etc. done for you for a fixed price.


Whilst this is an easier option overall, it can be a pretty expensive process and hey if you have the money then great, find yourself a professional set of experts to do it for you (that’s us).

Mobile Phone or Webcam

However, if you don’t have two and a 1/2 thousand pounds to have the ‘Done For You’ service done for you then what are some more affordable options?

Well, you can start with your mobile phone, assuming it’s got a fairly decent camera on it and you’ve got access to an app store you’ll be set.


Facebook Live is a good place to start with your mobile phone as well, it’s free, easy to use and a great way to reach out to so many people.

Webcam’s, of course you can use a webcam, there are so many different devices that are available to you right now that can get you started.


Cameras can be tricky because if you aren’t too familiar with them, then it can be hard to figure out the right one to get.

Somebody said to me “Matt I need a camera to film a course which camera do I get?” I simply replied, “well, what’s your budget?” Because anything less than £1000 is not going to be worth your money. I would say you film your course with your mobile phone, the iPhone that I’ve got is very capable with the right setting, the right lighting, and a decent studio set-up.

I hope article about how you can film your course was useful and gave some insight into the best methods for capturing your course. As I mentioned previously, if all this seems like too much effort and you’d prefer the ‘Done For You’ service, then drop me a message or message any of the Kinetal social pages now and we’ll definitely be in touch.