How Should I Price My Course? Now this is a debatable topic as there are many different ways to film your course.  

So, in the previous article I discussed the Starter, Mini and Signature courses and I’ve seen different people price them with Starter Courses starting from free. So, it’s a course that you would tease people in and get people into your course platform. I’ve seen people sell those Starter Courses for about £27 or sort of up to £50 really, so it’s kind of getting people involved with the Starter Courses and even seen someone sell their starter courses for £7.

There’s a lot of sales methodologies around this and it’s all about micro commitment. So, by having a transaction with somebody, it can help them actually try and sell them the bigger stuff as well, but we’ll get into that another time.

Starter Courses are cheaper ones, Mini Courses or Workshops are sort of anywhere between £50 up to £300.

Signature Courses I’ve seen Signature Courses from around £300. Certainly, when we do our Bootcamp it will start at that level and then I’ve seen people as they do each different launch of their courses, up to £15,000, I saw one the other day that was £18,000.

These are the kind of differences that you can get when it comes to pricing your course, now it’s up to you, there’s no rules around whether you should charge £18,000 for a starter course, but you’ve got to think about the value that people are getting from them.

Hopefully, this gave you a good indication of how to price your course. If you have any question’s regarding online courses or if you wish to reach out to us to help you create your online course, then leave a comment below or get in contact with us NOW!