Hello and welcome to today’s video and we’re talking about How Do You Plan Your Course?

This is a bit of an interesting topic actually, because there’s many different ways to plan your course and it depends who you’ve worked with before or how you’ve seen this kind of thing done.

What I like to do with my course is I tend to give it a name to plan out the modules that I’ve got in the course and if you saw my previous article the structure for a mini course, I say six modules with four lessons, so I would come up with the six module titles. I would then go into each of those modules and then I would plan the lessons and put in the detail to the lessons.

I do this using One note, One note is a note taking app by Microsoft and think it’s great and gets the job done. Other people use Evernote, I’ve seen people use things like mind mapping tools to do this as well which are really useful. If you’ve got friends that are teachers, they do this stuff for their lesson plans all the time, ask them to lend you hand. But it isn’t just teachers, many profession’s require planning so ask your family and friends, you might find that there’s some really good advice that you get from people that are doing this stuff all day, every day.

So, if you’re thinking about how do you plan your course in the first place, just break it down into little chunks. We’re batch filming these course videos, but ultimately, we’re having to do them in chunks, so, you should do the same thing when it comes to planning your videos.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you’re enjoying these articles and maybe the corresponding videos also. As always, if you have any questions regarding online courses or even a tech related issue then definitely get in touch and I’ll get back to you ASAP!