Hello and welcome to this series of videos around course creation and one of the questions I get asked quite often is, How Long Should My Course Be?

Now, there’s no right or wrong answer, I talk about different styles of courses and structures and that kind of thing, and you might have heard me mention that we’ve got a format that we like to use for Mini Courses and that is six modules and four lessons and for that we often say to them that each course lesson should be 3 to 5 minutes long. The reason for this being that people generally have short attention spans these days. So, we advise to do them in those small chunks because they’re easier to consume.

If you’ve ever binged watched something on Netflix, sometimes I’ll be binge-watching something and if they’re half an hour-long, I’ll think “yeah, I can get through eight of those in the night”. If they’re 45 minutes long or an hour-long, I’ll probably sit there and think actually, I’d only watch one or two. So, the point I’m trying to make is if you think about how your audience may want to consume it, you’ll get a better idea of the timeframe in your head.  

However, one of the clients that worked with us was an online coach, he had a 12 week program where he had a zoom call every week, It’s an hour-long zoom call and he wanted to chop that down and give people a video to be able to consume the content and then the zoom calls would then be shorter. So, what he did is he delivered all the important stuff in 15-minute videos, so he had twelve 15 minute videos, all the important information and then the group Zoom call afterwards could be like 15 minutes long, so he cut down his zoom calls because he delivered that key information.

So yeah, 3 to 5 minutes is generally a good idea but really, it’s down to the content you’re making and how many content you think is necessary for your audience to consume.

Unfortunately, the question How Long Should My Course Be? Really isn’t up to you, there’s no defined good answer to that question, it just requires you to give it some thought about how long will it take to deliver real value to the users in a way that’s going be most appropriate for them to consume.

So, thanks very much for watching this video, if you like these videos, there’s more of these on the KingofVideo.co.uk. They’re in the blog section and they’re also in my feed as well If you’re watching these on LinkedIn. That’s it for today. See you tomorrow.