Hello Guys and welcome to this video all about courses and today I’m going to tell you about How Long It Will Take You To Film Your Course and this is the last question we have for this series but I will have more to come.

So, this question is like asking, how long is a piece of string? There’s a whole bunch of different factors that will answer the question of how long it will take you to film your course, for example, how long is your course? What’s in it? Do you do Demos? Do you do Slidedecks? 

But I’ll tell you a little bit of a story about how we came up with Course Creator, which is our done for you service because by telling this story, it will explain to you why I think it’ll answer the question as well.

Online courses are a big thing at the moment, and I was trying to figure out how we could create a service that I could fix price. But I basically thought to myself well, we can film a course easily within a day and edit it in 2 to 3 days.

So, I put together this package and I said, “Look, you can come to us and film your course in a day” and we pitched it originally as 1 to 12 videos for the course. I did this because I realised that for a lot of people, the tech challenge was so difficult that it meant that when people started filming their course, they spent a month trying to get everything right, all the lighting, tech, etc. They may be worried about their Presentations, about their Slidedecks, that kind of thing and I thought to myself, well let’s create a product which takes all of that away because then we can film and edit it in a week, which is practically unheard of. 

Now, if you go to someone who helps people create courses, someone like Amy Porterfield, they will tell you themselves. It could take you a month to create it, but that’s why I created Course Creator to make it a quick process. Why would it take a month then? So, thinking about it, for the most part, what you should be doing is some planning your course out and plan your structure, which can take anywhere from a week to a couple of weeks or months depending on how technical it is.

Then, when it comes to filming, in order to film it really quickly (a day) as we do, you have to get rid of everything, all the distractions, anything that might derail you when it comes to filming your course, which can be very difficult. Amy Porterfield says it takes a week to film a couple of hours worth for a starter course because she realises that people that are doing it themselves.

Editing is another challenge, which can be the longest part, we put it as 2 to 3 days for 24 lessons, but actually, depending on what you’ve done in there, you’re learning loads of new skills.

You’re learning about being organised, preparing and planning, you’re learning about filming, sound and lighting and all that kind of stuff and then you’re learning about editing in Premiere Rush or InShot, there’s a lot to go through but are all essential skills. 

 A long-winded answer to this question, but there’s so many different variables. So, you can choose to do it yourself and take a long time to do it or you can choose to use somebody like us who will make that process easier.

So, we’re at the end of these frequently asked questions based around getting you started with your online course, but I hope to have more coming very soon, so definitely stay tuned.

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