Welcome to today’s course video and this time I’m talking about What Download You Should Include.

So, let’s start with why you should include a download option right? If people are streaming your video, they’ll want to be able to watch that video in their own time and they won’t always have access to the Internet, so they might want to take your videos to learn. Downloadable videos are a good way to help them with that. 

Audio Downloads

Of course, there’s audio as well which you could have a download option for.

Some people want to listen to this stuff in the car and even if you’ve got demos and there’s stuff on the screen that doesn’t matter too much.

I have my Apple Watch on and I say “Hey, Siri, can you make a note for me” and then I can refer back to it later, so yes you can create an audio version of your course or the lessons in your course, even if it’s very screen-based. 

PDF’s, Guides, Transcripts

Another download that you can include is PDF’s. Pretty much everyone knows what PDF’s are now. There are Printable Worksheets, you could have Guides, you could have Blueprints or transcripts of your videos and repurpose them into an article or blog post, One of the courses I watched the other day had a Project Plan which allowed people to make notes throughout the course so you can follow through and you can make notes so that at the end you’ve got a full plan of what’s going to happen. People love making notes, planners, all that kind of stuff, so if you give something like that at the start of your course then people are going to remember it.

So again, if we go back to the topic in hand, What Download Should I Include? Just try and think outside of the box a little bit. A lot of people start their courses and they film the videos and think they’re done when there’s so much more value you can give just by adding those additional downloads to your course.

Alright, I hope you found this useful, we’ve got more of these articles coming. If you’ve missed some so far, don’t worry, go back through my feed and find them there or if you go to the KingofVideo.co.uk you will find most of this content on there.