Welcome to today’s article and today’s question is What Is The Best Platform To Use To Create Courses?

So, getting started you’ll often find people will absolutely love one platform and loathe another platform. But I’m just going to give you a few examples.


The first example is one that I haven’t used myself but is very popular and that is Teachable, I’ve heard good things about it and of course, some marketing materials say it’s the most popular platform in the world. Now, I don’t know if that’s just marketing spiel, I’m sure they all say they’re the most popular platforms in the world but perhaps it is so it’s worth doing your research! 


 Another one that I’ve heard really good things about is Kajabi, I know a lot of big, big course creators use this and they swear by it. There’s a whole marketing platform around Kajabi so it’s not just a course platform, there’s all sorts of good marketing stuff you can do as well.


Something we at Kinetal use and love is Thinkific. If you’ve ever used Thinkific it’s a really straightforward platform, I recommend this to anybody that’s just getting started and doesn’t understand tech very much. It’s a great way to get started in the quickest and easiest way possible, Thinkific, is the one for me.

Learn dash, WordPress & Woocommerce

Now, I’ve used Learn Dash for my own platform, Learn Dash is a WordPress Plug-in, which creates a learning platform inside of WordPress, so it uses all the kind of standard stuff in WordPress. This is a bit more technical to use, you need to understand WordPress first I’d recommend. But in my instance, I’ve used Learn Dash, WordPress and Woocommerce and they all seem to work together and the benefit this gives you is having full control over your courses. But, if you’re not much of a techie then Thinkific is definitely the easiest and most straightforward platform to get involved in.

So, I hope that’s helpful If you’re thinking about creating courses yourself. If you buy course creator from us, which is our service where we film and edit your course for you, in a single day, we film it in a day, and we edit it in a couple of days. We will load that into Thinkific for you, so, even that part of it is taken care of. You can just come to our studio or we can come to you and we can film that course for within a week and then you’ve got a course that you can start selling straightaway.