Okay and today’s we’re talking about ‘What Kind Of Videos Can You Include In Your Online Course?’

From a confidence point of view, there are a few different things that you can do to create your online course. For example, if you’re not a confident presenter, you can start by creating an online course just using a slide deck or a PowerPoint Presentation, Keynote, whichever one you prefer with a microphone.

Slidedeck and Straight to Camera Course

So, the Slidedeck Presentation is one style, then there’s Straight to Camera (which is how I appear to you in the video above) which is another way you can deliver your course.  

This is quite effective if you combine it with a Slidedeck Presentation, of course then you start to get a bit of interactive-ness inside your course. 

Demonstration Course

Then another one is a Demonstration Based Course, so I’ll give you an example of this, we’ve just recently filmed a Dog training course where they did Straight to Camera and we filmed all of those and captured around 15 straight to camera videos and then we had 15 demos that they went on to then demonstrate to the cameras as well, in post-production we then combined those to create Demonstration Videos.

Fantastic ways to make your courses a little bit more interactive. I teach people how to do editing online, we do that by combining Straight to Camera and then a screen recording demonstration of that editing process. 

Animated Course

Another way you could do it is Animation which can be pretty expensive. A friend of mine Anika, she does fantastic Animation, she teaches people Animation and she does this with a product called ‘VYOND’, which is a fantastic product.

But Animations are great because it can help people tell a story, maybe you’re not a great storyteller, maybe you’re not that comfortable in front of a camera, but with Animation, you can create a character and then tell the story off the thing that you’re trying to teach using that character.

As I said, it doesn’t have to be super costly as there is plenty of software out there nowadays that allows you to create easy and affordable animations.

So, hopefully, this gave you a good idea of the different kind of videos that you can include in your online course and as always If you have any question’s regarding online courses or if you wish to reach out to us to help you create your online course then be sure to leave a comment below or get in contact with me or one of the Kinetal social pages and we’ll be in touch very soon!