Back in 2014 we created a fantastic highlight video for the SharePoint Saturday, UK team. Featuring all the bustle and atmosphere of the average SharePoint Saturday along with some great interviews with the team. The perfect advertisement for next year’s event!



Every successful video follows a story and this one is ours! Kinetal Media travelled down to SharePoint Saturday London and we documented the entire journey. By building the edit as a journey the viewer is instantly engaged and there is never a drop in the pace. The clever edit adds an extra touch of creativity to the viewing experience and by the end we’ve connected with the event and the people behind it almost instantly.


Our walk and talk videos filmed from SharePoint Saturday, London 2017 generated a lot of interest. Here, Kinetal Director, Matthew Hughes talks with MVP Vlad Catrinescu about some current SharePoint topics as they take a stroll past Big Ben and the River Thames.


A beautifully shot interview with BindTuning owner Beatriz Oliveira and Kinetal director Matthew Hughes. Filmed at the SharePoint Saturday London for the Office365 Community Facebook Group. Perfect update and insight into the latest SharePoint topics from a Microsoft partner.