The complete solution for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to regularly share high quality video content across social media.

Have you tried creating and editing your own videos but invariably end up cringing at the results or getting totally frustrated with the tech and giving up halfway through?

Perhaps you enjoy using social media’s ‘live’ video functions but dream of creating professional looking videos to grow your YouTube channel and raise your brand image and expert status.

Or maybe you’re relatively proficient at creating and editing videos but your recent business growth and time commitments mean you simply can’t keep on doing it.

What if there was a way you could outsource the filming and editing part of the process so you were able to spend more time with your clients or in the aspects of your business you love the most?

That’s where Kinetal’s Content Creator can help you!

We realised that far too many online service providers were holding back from achieving their true potential because of skill level, tech issues or the time involved in preparing, filming and editing video content.

Content Creator was designed to create quality content for YouTube, social media or online businesses and to take the stress out of video production.

Kinetal provides businesses with a super efficient, fast turnaround service that involves the creation of twelve professional, branded videos of 2-5 minutes each, from one day of filming.

We designed a solution that provides video content from as little as £100 per video

Content Creator is for you if…

  • You’re the face of your business as an online entrepreneur or business owner.
  • You want to create high quality, regular video content.
  • You want to raise the profile of your business, become known as the expert in your industry and create a large audience to increase sales and revenue.
  • You don’t have the tech ability or the time to create professional video content for your brand.
  • You’re ready to invest time and money in creating video content.
  • You want to grow your YouTube channel, become an influencer or gain presence on a new platform.

Bind Tuning Testimonial

BindTuning are a global tech company, they look no further than Kinetal to produce their video content due to our flexibility and putting the team at ease.

Kinetal takes care of the whole process so you don’t have to.

Content Creator
The complete solution for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to regularly share high quality video content across social media

Imagine having a selection of twelve high-quality videos that you can share with your audience at regular intervals. How much could you raise your profile in a year by releasing one video every month?

How successful might your new course, product or service be if you could promote it with one new video every week for twelve weeks?

How would you feel knowing that your audience were seeing the best possible version of your experience, message, passion and energy?

Having high quality video content across your social media channels will raise your profile and allow others to see you as a thought leader or expert in your industry.

Video content is the best way to boost sales, increase visibility and brand awareness and build that essential Know-Like-Trust factor amongst your audience.

How does Content Creator work?

Once you’ve booked your discovery call with Kinetal and prepared your video content in line with your brand messaging and business goals, we’ll schedule a date for you to come to our studio in Leicester to record your videos.

Our studio is kitted out with professional video and photographic equipment, high quality sound and lighting and a green screen.

Once all the footage has been shot, we’ll edit your videos and release them to you. (If you set up a monthly/weekly payment plan, we’ll release one video at a time.)

What’s included in Content Creator?

  • Initial discovery call to discuss your creative strategy, video content, branding, messaging and business goals for the year ahead.
  • Filming of 12 videos in our studio in Leicester.
  • Editing and delivery of 12 videos of 2-5 minutes each

How do I reserve my Content Creator package?

Simply fill in the Customer Enquiry form, pay your booking fee and we’ll be in touch to arrange your discovery call and schedule your filming day

What is the investment?

If you’re ready to boost your business growth, increase your audience size and drive more sales through the creation and sharing of high quality video content, then now is the time to take action.

It’s time to leave shaky, poor quality video behind and step up your game to achieve the online recognition and business success you desire. If you’re a creative thought leader who wants to make a big dent in the Universe, adding high quality video will be a game changer.

How much content do we film on a filming day?

We allow plenty of time to film enough content to create twelve final videos of 2-5 minutes each.

What if I can't come to your studio, can you comine to me office / home location?

We’re happy to arrange offsite filming but this will incur an additional charge. Also, please do take into account that our studio is set up with ideal lighting and a green screen in order to bring the most professional quality to the finished video content. Please consider a location with plenty of natural light for best results.

Can we split the videos between two or three presenters?

If all presenters work for the same company and the brand messaging and style is the same throughout, then we can adapt to create the same amount of videos with different video performers.

I want to create cooking videos in my kitchen / exercise videos in my gym, can you do that?

Please fill in the enquiry form with all your details and we’ll be in touch to discuss all the possibilities. We are happy to film on location but extra charges will be added depending on the distance from Leicester and time needed to set up.

Starting a new project?

Whether you want to start a project, enquire about one or just arrange to meet up for a coffee, we're always happy to hear from you.