Delivering high quality video production at a fixed price

Kinetal Event Capture video production is the best value creative solution for entrepreneurs and businesses ready to elevate their brand, drive growth and attract more ideal customers.

Too many businesses feel limited by their budget and end up with poor sound quality and shaky video that only serves to damage their brand image and lose potential sales.

At Kinetal, we’ve created a solution by bringing together a talented, experienced and fun team who deliver a complete done-for-you event video production service across all industries.

We thrive on collaborations with forward-thinking businesses who share our passion for creativity, storytelling and providing exceptional value to customers.

Customer Testimonials

BindTuning are a global tech company, they look no further than Kinetal to produce their video content due to our flexibility and putting the team at ease.

Kinetal takes care of the whole process so you don’t have to.

The 5 video-related problems many businesses and entrepreneurs face:

  • Professional video production is out of our budget.
  • Creating our own videos is time consuming.
  • Buying video equipment costs too much money.
  • Editing software is too complicated.
  • Creative strategy? Storytelling? Help! I don’t know where to start!

Here’s the real question…

If Kinetal could solve your event capture problems by delivering a high-quality promotional video that highlights your brand’s core message and values while simultaneously supporting your business goals of increased brand awareness and higher sales, all at a fixed price, would you feel enthusiastic, inspired and ready to step up your game?

Kinetal Event Capture is for you if:

  • You’re a business owner or entrepreneur hosting an event (or planning an event).
  • Your event is self-hosted for around 30-50 people or your business is part of a larger trade event.
  • You want to boost brand visibility, customer engagement, business growth and sales over the coming months.
  • You need a promotional event video of 1-3 minutes, including testimonials from attendees.
  • You’re a forward-thinking business or entrepreneur who shares our passion for creativity, storytelling and delivering exceptional value.
  • You’re ready to invest in high-quality, professional video production at a fixed price.

Kinetal Event Capture Delivering high quality video production at a fixed price

Kinetal Event Capture video production is the best value creative solution for entrepreneurs and businesses ready to elevate their brand, drive growth and attract more ideal customers.


Your Event Capture package includes a day’s filming at your event, testimonial interviews with attendees, video editing and production to deliver a 1-3 minute promotional video in alignment with your brand vision and business goals – all for a fixed price.

Why do I need a high-quality, professional video recording of my event?

In our modern technological world, video content is the best way to boost sales, increase visibility and brand awareness and build that essential Know-Like-Trust factor amongst your audience.

Everyone who visits your website or social media page is either a potential customer or a
cheerleader for your business. We’ve become an era of video consumers who love nothing more than to share relatable content with our friends and followers. While cat videos might be able to get away with low quality filming and zero editing and still get millions of YouTube views, unfortunately the same rules do not apply in business. Your online ‘shop-front’ is one of the first touch points a consumer will have with your brand. If you come across as amateur and sloppy, they’ll take their business elsewhere.

There’s so much more to filming an event than asking your friend to hold a smart phone at the side of the stage! (Believe me, we’ve seen it all!) If you can’t afford to invest in professional video production right now, then it’s best to promote your event with photos and written content and start budgeting for professional filming services for your next event.

The benefits of having a professional event video to promote your business…

  • Builds trust amongst your audience and encourages brand loyalty.
  • Allows your key messages, authentic passion and brand values to shine through.
  • Lets your customers sell your event (we inherently trust recommendations more than a company’s blurb).
  • Gives you a platform to explain your vision.
  • Allows you to capture those tiny moments that others can resonate with.
  • Develops your position as a thought leader or industry expert.
  • Gives great ROI (return on investment).

What makes Kinetal different?

We’re a professional, experienced, talented team of fun, dynamic and creative individuals who come together to deliver high-quality video and media solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs. We thrive on idea generation and creative strategy and are passionate about finding unique solutions to many different types of businesses both in the UK and internationally.

We go one step further…

We get really excited about working with start-ups and motivated entrepreneurs with big ideas. When you use Kinetal to film all your events over the first few years of your business we can create further promotional videos that chart your growth and success. In a society where authenticity is the key to building trust and a solid fan base, having various pieces of video content that show where you came from and how you scaled your business is priceless.

Yes! I want to work with Kinetal on my next event, what’s the Investment?

The fixed price for the Event Capture package is £1000 plus VAT.
For events outside of the UK or at a considerable distance from Leicester, additional travel expenses will apply.
Please complete the contact form below to tell us your requirements and location and we’ll get right back to you.

What platform is used to host the course?

We use Thinkific as our preferred course platform and set you up with a 90 day free trial. After this point you can upgrade to a paid version of your account.

What payment platform do you use on the course platform?

We use Stripe as we love the functionality and protection it offers for course hosts and customers.

How much content do we film on the filming day?

We allow a whole day’s filming as most people need multiple takes to create their perfect video course. In total, we’ll create two hours (120 minutes) of course footage for you.

What if I want to film 3, 4 or 5 hours content?

We’re happy to arrange extra filming days at £500 + VAT + Expenses per day

What if I can't come to your studio, can you come to my office / home location?

We’re happy to arrange offsite filming but this will incur an additional charge. Also, please do take into account that our studio is set up with ideal lighting and a green screen in order to bring the most professional quality to the finished video content. Please consider a location with plenty of natural light for best results.

Can I pay in instalments?

A payment plan is available on request, however, please note that the final video and platform hosting will not be released to you until you’ve paid in full.

Can I add in . written resources to my course such as workbooks or PDF etc?

Yes, we can add these to the platform during the final uploading process, however, we do not design or write this content for you. You will need to provide us with the content in its finished state in the format we require to upload to Thinkific.

Starting a new project?

Whether you want to start a project, enquire about one or just arrange to meet up for a coffee, we're always happy to hear from you.