Event Capture Live

Event Capture Live is currently only available on request, we need more information regarding the event, location, internet infrastructure etc before we can offer it.

Please use the form below to see if we can help Broadcast your event.


What is Event Capture Live?

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How many people can attend a live stream?

The live stream audience is only limited to what the platform can handle, Facebook for example, has 2 billion users and your audience could be a 100 member Facebook Group or 10,000 member Facebook Group

Do you film all the sessions?

Full session playback is available if the platform supports it, for example, Facebook will keep a full replay although we stream at 720/1080 depending on the connection, we cannot guarantee Facebook will display at this quality

Do you provide high quality recordings?

Yes these can be provided at an additional cost.
We do not record the sessions unless specifically requested

Can I have the audio to use for a Podcast?

We can provide full high quality audio recordings on request at an additional cost